Rock for Ukraine

The Rock for Ukraine gig took place on Thursday 23rd February and has raised over £47,000 to help refugees fleeing the war.

We’d like to thank everyone involved, especially our band, ‘Consumer Duty’ who performed so wonderfully on the night. Please scroll down to see a list of everyone who has supported the event.
We are still taking donations, just click the button at the top of the page.

Our aim

Our aim is simple; to raise money for Ukrainian refugees. Especially those who’ve fled to Moldova, a small and poor country that has opened its doors to refugees despite being under threat from Russia. Moldova, and the refugees, need our continued support more, now than ever.

Meet the band

The band ‘Consumer Duty’ is made up of a collection of well-known financial services ‘characters’; Ian Beestin, Mark Polson, Nigel Ross-Scott, Chris Budd and Jenny Smyth.

Our Story

As well as Phil Billingham and Shannon Currie’s voyage to Przemyśl in March, In April 2022 David Crozier and Stephen Gallagher set off with a full van from Newry in Northern Ireland.

They drove via Cherbourg to Krakow, where they donated to a local mission. It was humbling to see the support for the Ukrainian refugees in Poland. Signs on the motorways giving numbers to call, as well posters showing solidarity almost everywhere.

It is clear the aid cycle has moved on. The days of individual vans driving miles across Europe are behind us. Now it’s about putting in place long-term, sustainable support for those that have been forced out of their homes and who just need a bit of help.

Since early 2022, David, Shannon and Phil have been working with the charity Refugee Support Europe  who have opened a ‘Dignity Centre’ in the capital of Moldova, Chisinau. and they have made trips to Chisinau to see the operation, as well as driving out into the Moldovan countryside to see the situation and deliver aid themselves. In March 2023, Phil, David and his spouse are spending two weeks each volunteering at the centre themselves.

The Rock for Ukraine event is a joint enterprise between three financial planners; David Crozier, Shannon Currie, and Phil Billingham. Everyone, including the band, are donating their time for free. The hall has been booked and paid for by the planners, with funds raised by sponsorship and ticket sales going to the refugees and supporting organisations.

That means all proceeds will go to helping a great cause.

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Corporate donations from:

We’d also like to thank other organisations who have supported us, including:

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